SANCTIMONY "Hell In Stereo"
2007-02-05 / 18:54:01
Out in february 15,2007

"This surely is not a one night stand! That’s the "fuck-of-the-year" you'll long to replay as often as possible. We like it dirty, sweaty and more than once!" say guys from SANCTIMONY with an evil grin on their face as their newest masterpiece is being released.

"Hell in stereo" says the title on the album and it definitely is. Twelve songs of roaring, SANCTIMONY branded death'n'roll - each one of them shaped like no other plus a killer AC/DC "Back in Black" cover. It is wall of sound of the best quality. Fine tuned at “Wolk Recording Studios” by Sergey Amsterdam and polished to perfection by Mika Jussila at “Finnvox studios”. The later one, speaking from his great experience, told SANCTIMONY’s “Hell in Stereo” to be the best piece he’s put his hands on in year 2006. Hell yeah! It surely is!

Raging, down tuned guitars and rock solid rhythm section in support for the charismatic one-of-the-kind lead vocal were always the brand mark of SANCTIMONY. Now, with the great work put into the record they have reached new musical heights. From rock to death metal, from slow paced heavyweights to speed bullets with “Hell in Stereo” the band is painting its own hellscape- the hell of SANCTIMONY’s finest kind.

Kick play button and observe your head exploding!
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