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ZYKLON World Ov Worms 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL
Zyklon is Zamoth (ex Emperor), Trym (ex Emperor) and Destructhor (Myrkskog).
With strong help from Daemon (Limbonic Art), they've created a massive destructive force of blasting Extreme Metal. Additional vocals by Trickster G (Ulver). All lyrics by Faust (ex-Emperor). With a strong millenaristic foundation combined with an anti-religious concept and a critical look on today's world and its fallen values, Zyklon's debut is piece of concrete sonic violence.
This album set the standards for the new millennium. Feel the force of the Zyklon.
1. Hammer Revelation
2. Deduced To Overkill
3. Chaos Deathcult
4. Storm Detonation
5. Zycloned
6. Terrordome
7. Worm World
8. Transcendental War – The Battle Between Gods
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