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HATE PLOW Mosh Pit Murder 1.00 EUR / 0.7 LVL
First live album by highly respected Death Metal band!
'Mosh Pit Murder” is the long-awaited live album from Florida’s Hateplow. Featuring selections from both the band’s popular studio albums, the album contains previously unavailable and sought after demo material from their early formation and marks the end of a long silence from the band.
1. Crack Down
2. Everybody Dies
3. The Only Law Is Survival
4. Traitor
5. Fuck The Millennium
6. Prison Bitch
7. Without Weapons
8. Stalker
9. Born With Both
10. $20 Dollar Blow Job
11. Anally Annie
12. Ante Up
13. In the Pitch
14. Addiction
15. The Gift Giver
16. Payback
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