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MALEVOLENT CREATION Conquering South America 3.00 EUR / 2.11 LVL
The origin of Malevolent Creation can be traced back to their formation 1987 in Buffalo, NY. Starting from early demos and the debut album 'The Ten Commandments'. Since then the band have come along way from the underground Death metal scene. Conquering South America was recorded in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and features 15 live tracks that captured the band at their best!
1. Eve Of The Apocalypse
2. Multiple Stab Wounds
3. Manic Demise
4. Blood Brothers
5. Kill Zone
6. Rebirth Of Terror
7. Slaughter of Innocence
8. To Die Is At Hand
9. Coronation Of Our Domain
10. Monster
11. All That Remains
12. Alliance Of War
13. Infernal Desire
14. Living In Fear
15. Malevolent creation
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