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MENDEED The Dead Live By Love 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL
DIGI Limited Edition
The Dead Live By Love is a massive Metal statement from five hungry musicians. It’s worth to keep an eye on Mendeed’s career, because soon these guys will have conquered the throne of Metal. It’s refreshing, it’s new, it’s melodic and it’s aggressive. The Dead Live By Love is the next step up on the ladder to ultimate success. If you are into the whole metallic range from Heavy Metal to Death Metal, you will really, really like this record. Limited edition comes with a bonus track and Mendeed media player. (2007) Track Listing: Burning Fear / The Fight / The Dead Live By Love / Fuel The Fire / Gravedigger / Our War / Blood Brothers / Through Dead Eyes / Reload 'N' Kill / Take Me As I Am / It's Not Over Yet / Thirteen - Bonus Track: Masquerade
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