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ABORTED Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL
CD Slipcase LTD
Currently the leaders in Belgium's rapidly expanding metal movement, Aborted offer their 2007 opus, advancing their violent and overwhelming sound another step further. Drums played by Dave Haley (Psycroptic, The Amenta). Features guest appearances by Jeff Walker (Carcass) and members of Hatesphere and Koldborn. Also features a cover of Faith No More's "Surprise You're Dead" and enhanced live footage.

01. The Chondrin Enigma
02. A Methodical Overture
03. Avenious
04. The Spaying Séance
05. And Carnage Basked In Its Ebullience
06. The Foul Nucleus Of Resurrection
07. Archetype
08. Ingenuity In Genocide
09. Odious Emanation
10. Prolific Murder Contrivance
11. Underneath Rorulent Soil
12. Surprise! You'Re Dead
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