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CHIMAIRA Resurrection 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL
Digi Ltd. Edition + Bonus DVD
"An album cooked up in the rehearsal room with no pretenses beyond ""making the heaviest music possible,"" like when the band began back in 1998. From the anthemic momentum of the title track to the epic experimentation of ""Six"" through the album's fist pumping, breakneck-speed closing track, ""Empire,"" Resurrection is the sound of a band reborn. This version has 2 hidden bonus tracks as well. The bonus DVD (NTSC) contains the studio report/ making of the album, video for the song Resurrection, photos and much more! (2007) Track Listing: Resurrection / Pleasure In Pain / Worthless / Six / No Reason To Live / Killing The Beast / The Flame / End It All / Black Heart / Needle / Empire"
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