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DERANGED Obscenities In B-Flat 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL
Digipack CD
Deranged is the sound of you being torn a new asshole, literally. Utterly obliterating devastation in musickal form. This Swedish death metal band have long been honing their craft, and this 2006 o-pus offers walls and walls of bludgeoning riffage that will raise the dead and make mincemeat of the living...

01. Long Live The New Flesh
02. Torture, Rape, Cum And Kill
03. Coven Of Death
04. Crawl With Me, Through The Filth
05. Deflower The Dead
06. Body Fluids From Unknown Source
07. Alive, Swarming With Flies
08. Pray On The Weak
09. Dead In A Ditch
10. Viva! Blunt Force Trauma
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