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NUCLEAR BLAST ALL-STARS Into The Light 5.00 EUR / 3.51 LVL
Happy Birthday, NUCLEAR BLAST! The label from Donzdorf, Germany, turns 20 in 2007 – and "Into The Light" is one of the company's first presents, given by no one else than RAGE composer and multi instrumentalist Victor Smolski. It was him who composed, arranged and recorded the album, with all in all ten songs based on a thrilling, solid Power Metal foundation. But the real highlights are the participants behind the microphones: Victor gathered a conglomeration of ten singers whose bands have been signed to NUCLEAR BLAST in the past 20 years or still are on the label's roster, among them Hansi Kürsch of BLIND GUARDIAN, NIGHTWISH's former singer Tarja Turunen, EDGUY's Tobi Sammet and HELLOWEEN'S Andi Deris. Comes with a bonus disc of rare and new songs as well. (2007) Track Listing: Dirty Wings / Terrified / Ruling The World / Death Is Alive / Bloodsucker / Slaves To The Desert / A Perfect Day / Eternally / Inner Sanctuary / In The Picture
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