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RIDE THE SKY New Protection 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL
CD Slipcase
The RIDE THE SKY groundwork goes back to early 2006 when drummer extraordinaire Uli Kusch (while still a member of Masterplan) met vocalist Bjorn Jansson (Tears of Anger) to exchange early musical ideas. When Uli departed Masterplan later that year, Bjorn and Benny asked Uli to drum on the upcoming Tears of Anger album. Impressed by the excellence of the four songs, that were sent to him, Uli himself returned the favor and sent them a few of his own songs. The genesis of RIDE THE SKY was in place! (2007) Track Listing: New Protection / A Smile From Heaven´s Eye / Silent War / The Prince Of Darkness / Break The Chain / Corroded Dreams / The End Of Days / Far Beyond The Stars / Black Cloud / Endless / Heaven Only Knows / A Crack In The Wall - Bonus Track: Make The Spirit Burn
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