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DEICIDE Doomsday In L.A. 10.00 EUR / 7.03 LVL
It's Doomsday in L.A., as death metallers Deicide perform some of their biggest, angriest, most hell-raising hits. Expect the usual mix of violent imagery and vehemently anti-Christian lyrics. Not for the faint of heart. (2007) Track Listing: Intro / Dead By Dawn / Once Upon The Cross / Scars Of The Crucifix / The Stench Of Redemption / Death To Jesus / When Satan Rules His World / serpents Of The Light / Dead But Dreaming / They Are The Children Of The Underworld / Bastard Of Christ / Desecration / Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise / When Heaven Burns / Walk With The Devil In Dreams You Behold / Homage For Satan / Lunatic Of Gods Creation / Kill The Christian / Sacrificial Suicide
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