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HEARSE Cambodia 5.00 EUR / 3.51 LVL

“Cambodia” is an extended EP that contains a cover of Kim Wilde’s song two new songs exclusively recorded for this EP, 2 tracks taken from their previous album “Torch” 7” and 4 previously unreleased demo-songs. Even though this album doesn’t seem like a regular full-length one, it is probably a good introduction for those who haven’t heard of Hearse. The music in this album is full of variety as there are elements of pure rock, heavy metal, thrash and even some touches of death metal here and there. The lead guitar dominates the whole work making the songs melodious and very catchy. There are also keyboard parts as well as some female vocals. All in all, “Cambodia” is an album full of experimentation, a blend of seemingly unrelated metal elements which produces a very interesting result.
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