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THERION Live Gothic 9.00 EUR / 6.33 LVL
After the phenomenal last album "Gothic Kabbalah", a crushing double CD and easily their most stunning album since "Theli", the band embarked on a really impressive and successful world tour throughout many continents. The proof of how magical these concerts were, Therion presents a DVD/2CD-Package. The show included on the DVD/2CD was recorded in Poland. (2008) Track Listing: CD1 (All songs also on live DVD): Der Mitternachtslowe/ Schwartzalbenheim/ The Blood Of Kingu/ The Falling Stone/ An Arrow From The Sun/ Deggial/ Wine Of Aluqah/ The Perennial Sophia/ The Son Of The Sun/ Son Of The Staves Of Time/ Birth Of Venus Illegitima/ Tuna 1613/ Drum Solo/ Muspelheim // CD2 (All songs also on live DVD): Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah/ Ginnungagap/ Grand Finale/ Lemuria/ The Wand Of Abaris/ Nightside Of Eden/ To Mega Therion/ Thor (The Powerhead)
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