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FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND Memory And Humanity 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL

Just to clarify I think FFAF are one of the most talented Metal bands around. I chipped in with my two cents on 'Tales' and I thought that album was a stunning concept album, full of huge riffs and a tightly driven storyline (similair to Mastodon's Leviathon album about Moby Dick).
This is more of a return to Causally Dressed and Hours territory but only with a bit of screaming I'm afraid. So if that's all your here for then I'm afraid you're out of luck. I hear the new Bring Me The Horizon album has lots of screaming in so go buy that.

If you liked the FFAF sound anyway (with or without screaming) then this album should be an essential buy!
'Rules and Games' kicks the album off in style (I love that riff and drum beat) when I first got the album I kept sliding this song back to the start as I couldn't stop listening to it, it slides nicely in to 'Mouchette' which is a bit smoother and more of a downbeat track with a gravel riff.
'Kicking and Screaming' is as they describe a pop-rock song turned to eleven (and is one of my favourite tracks off the album). 'Constant Illuminations' is one of the hard songs on the album and the closest to Casually as you can get. 'Maybe I am' is similair to 'Mouchette' in terms of its downbeat feel and is a nice song. For some reason it reminds of Jimmyeatworld.
'Wolves' has an amazing driving guitar and is a stand out song. That guitar noise is awesome! And the climax of the song is outstanding.
'Building' is a nice ballad, and FFAF seem to always do them really well so this is no exception.'Burning Tree' is one of the other of my favourites from the album and I love how the riff moves the song in to a fantastic chorus and finale. Genius.
'Someday the fire...' is another great rock song all the way to eleven. A more sedate beat but a fantastically produced rock song with a tubthumping chorus.
'Waterfront' is almost a kick back to Seven Ways with its intro but the latter half is more Hours, and it's a great song. 'Charlie don't surf' is the second ballad of the album and has a nice drive to it.
'Ghosts' and 'Constant Resurrections' both bring the album to a downbeat finish, Ghosts is a little more frenetic but Constant is an album ender with a piano and guitar breaking way for a band that plays to silence.

FFAF confessed that this album was more of a return to the themes of Casually but the sound had moved on. And it's true, it's progressed and you can still tell it's the same band making the music it's just their ability to write really tight songs has increased ten fold.
To be honest I've been dying to hear this album and it didn't disappoint me in any way at all. It rocks.
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