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URKRAFT The Inhuman Aberration 6.00 EUR / 4.22 LVL
Ltd Edition Digipack + Bonus Track CD
Meaning 'Primitive Force' in Danish, the name Urkraft definitively encompasses all that the band are about - straining at the leash, barely keeping their enthusiasm in check - and neatly sums up the sound of 'The Inhuman Aberration'. Recorded with the much in demand Tue Madsen the sound of this new album is massive, ensuring that their presence will be firmly stamped into your head. Using high quality Thrash Metal as a blueprint and mixing it with precision Death Metal fury, Urkraft are set to modernise the genre with the thoughtful addition of keyboards adding new atmospheres that take on a somber tone, effectively adding a progressive element to the band's militaristic death stomp.
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