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NAPALM DEATH Smear Campaign 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL
Napalm Death is out once again to prove that there’s still plenty of piss and vinegar left in the machine. Smear Campaign is the next step in helping to open the eyes and ears of the masses to see what is really going on in the world today. Like their last album (Jello Biafra, Jamie Jasta), this one features a guest vocal appearance from Anneka van Giersbergen (lead singer of The Gathering). This is ferocious and focused intensity, plain and simple that call for Napalm Death to deliver during the bleakest of times. File this one under ‘A’ for awesome and ass kicking grind core! (2006) Track list: Weltschmerz / Sink Fast, Let Go / Fatalist / Puritanical Punishment Beating / When All Is Said And Done / Freedom Is The Wage Of Sin / In Deference / Short-Lived / Identity Crisis / Shattered Existence / Eyes Right Out / Warped Beyond Logic / Rabid Wolves (For Christ) / Deaf And Dumbstruck (Intelligent Design) / Persona Non Grata / Smear Campaign
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