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FLOWING TEARS Razorbliss 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL
Razorbliss is an album of change for Germany's Flowing Tears. The goth-rockers split company with vocalist Stefanie Duchene and replaced her with Helen Vogt. By mixing the haunting sub-goth overtones of Tiamat and Moonspell, the technicality of Dream Theater's heavier material, as well as the brooding mood from Virgin Black and early Anathema, the new Flowing Tears deliver a worthwhile effort. (2004) Track list: Razorbliss / Believe / Virago / Undying / Radium angel / Firedream / Ballad of a lonely god / Snakes of grey / Mine is the ocean / Maladine / Unspoken / Pitch black water
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