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MENDEED This War Will Last Forever 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL
LTD Slipcase CD
These youngsters play an extremely exciting mix of thrash metal meets hardcore with Maiden-esque guitar solos and will appeal to every fan of metal core, melodic death, thrash and hardcore fan. Slowly and very meticulously Mendeed gained notoriety for their full on blend of Maiden meets Shadows Fall with an added touch of Avenged Sevenfold influenced metal. It’s got aggression and all the right melodies at the right time; the UK has new weapon and its called Mendeed! This version has 2 bonus tracks. (2006) Track list: All That We Have Become (Intro) / Beneath A Burning Sky / Stand As One And Fight For Glory / Remains Of The Day / Chapel Perilous / The Mourning Aftermath / Poisoned Hearts / Withered And Torn / Resurrecting Hope / For Blasphemy We Bleed / The Reaper Waits / The Black Death / The End Of Man (bonus) / Divided We Fall (bonus).
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