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NEVERMORE Dreaming Neon Black 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL
Applying the highly-technical musicianship they have been known for towards a darker and conceptual storyline, Dreaming Neon Black takes you on a metal journey filled with an array of emotions, melodic hooks and heavy grooves, guided by the unmistakable voice of Warrel Dane, and of course the astonishing guitar work of Jeff Loomis and Tim Calvert (ex-Forbidden). Sure to turn the heads of those who were skeptical in the past, and will surely please the appetites of long-time fans and followers. (1999) Track list: Ophidian / Beyond Within / The Death Of Passion / I Am The Dog / Dreaming Neon Black / Deconstruction / The Fault Of The Flesh / The Lotus Eaters / Poison Godmachine / All Play Dead / Cenotaph / No More Will / Forever.
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