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POISONBLACK Lust Stained Despair 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL
As Sentenced fades into the cold white light, a new shadow of despair comes upon the Finnish landscape. Poisonblack returns with ex-Sentenced frontman Ville on lead vocals and guitars. The group returns with a voracious hard rock attack with mesmerizing gothic overtones that will haunt your sorrow filled soul. With Sentenced in the past, Poisonblack in the future and is a must for fans of Amorphis, HIM and Katatonia. (2006) Track list: Nothing Else Remains / Hollow Be My Name / The Darkest Lie / Rush / Nail / Raivotar / Soul In Flames / Pain Becomes Me / Never Enough / Love Controlled Despair / The Living Dead.
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