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VARIOUS ARTISTS A Tribute To The Priest 4.00 EUR / 2.81 LVL
Digi CD
When we lay back and think about the glorious days when the first real metal bands came up, we might think about acts like Iron Maiden, Manowar, Black Sabbath, Metallica or Judas Priest, just to name a few of them. Judas Priest soon became a cult act, just after the release of their excellent debut album Rocka Rolla in 1974! Rob Halford, vocalist and frontman of Judas Priest back then, soon became the "Metal God"! The band has released many classic albums and influenced a whole scene. Classics like British Steel, Screaming For Vengeance or Painkiller should be in every record collection.
28 years after the band was founded, Nuclear Blast Records created a sensational collection of the best cover-versions ever done on Judas Priest. You can find the absolute elite of today's Heavy Metal scene like Primal Fear, Iced Earth, HammerFall, Annihilator and Therion. 14 bands paying tribute to the one and only Metal God - to the one and only Priest.
Enjoy this unique album and excellent versions of some of the best Judas Priest tracks ever like Metal Gods, Breaking The Law, All Guns Blazing or Painkiller. Judas Priest will always stay in metal hearts around the world, and this tribute makes them even more immortal.
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