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VARIOUS ARTISTS A Tribute To The Creatures Of The Night 4.00 EUR / 2.81 LVL
Digi CD
There is no doubt about the enormous impact KISS had on the whole development of the Hard Rock and Metal scene. KISS will ever be one of the biggest acts around the globe, hardly another band reached such an enormous cult like them. Movies have been made, fan conventions and all kinds of merchandise you can imagine.
This compilation shows cover versions of famous acts like HELLOWEEN, ANTHRAX, HAMMERFALL, SKID ROW, DORO and many more. Enjoy their interpretations of classic tracks like “Detroit Rock City”, “I Stole Your Love”, “Deuce” or “Creatures Of The Night”. Some tracks like “I’m Going Home” (MARYSLIM) or “Black Diamond” (BATHORY) haven’t been released before.
“A Tribute To The Creatures Of The Night” shows the importance of KISS once again, doesn’t matter if there are metal acts like HELLOWEEN or HAMMERFALL; Death Metal acts like HYPOCRISY or SIX FEET UNDER, or even modern Rock acts like ANTHRAX or THE MELVINS; all of them got inspired by KISS. But honestly, who hasn’t got at least some KISS records in his collection? I guess everybody has…
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