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CATAMENIA Bringing The Cold To Poland 12.00 EUR / 8.43 LVL
For the first time on DVD, Catamenia's brand of cold melodic black/dark metal is shown in all its live glory. Here they present songs old and new on the 'Location: Cold' tour. Bonus features include an interview with Riku Hopeakoski and Ari Nissila, a documentary exploring the recording sessions of 'Location:Cold', the video clip from "Tuhat Vuotta", and songs from the band's 1995 and 1996 demos. (2007) Track Listing: Morning Crimson / Lost In Bitterness / Tuhat Vuotta / My Blood Stained Path / Coldbound / Fuel For Hatred / Verikansa / Closed Gates Of Hope / The Day When The Sun Faded / Eskhata / I Wanna Be Somebody / Location:COLD
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