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VARIOUS ARTISTS Mystic Festival 10.00 EUR / 7.03 LVL
It was October, the 13th 2001 that the second edition of Mystic Festival took place. Organized by the leading metal label from Poland – Mystic Production – it caught attention of over 2000 metal maniacs not only from Poland but also from Ukraine, Belarussia, Czech Republic and Slovakia; deeply devoted metal fans hungry for emotions, excitement and real metal entertainment. They got what they eagered for – a brutal, aggressive, merciless Horrorshow. Noone had to teach bands such as: DEVILYN, SOURCE OF TIDE, SINISTER, BEHEMOTH, ZYKLON, CHILDREN OF BODOM and MAYHEM how to make the crowd crazy.
The DVD / VHS is a documentary of what happened that night. Interviews with all of the eight appearing bands, full live tracks from all the artists plus some exlusive, deleted scenes as a bonus footage.
The total running time is over 120 min.

CEMETERY OF SCREAM – interview + tracks:
1. The Ray Of Cry
2. Overcall
DEVILYN – interview + tracks:
3. Hatched Out Of…
4. The Burial Ground Of The Gods
SOURCE OF TIDE – interview + tracks:
5. Bravery 2000 / Ruins Of Beauty
6. Static Development
7. Enslaved By Principles
SINISTER – interview + tracks:
8. Cross The Styx
9. Sadistic Intent
10. Aggressive Measures
BEHEMOTH – interview + tracks:
11. Pan Satyros
12. Antichristian Phenomenon
13. Chant For ESXHATON 2000
ZYKLON – interview + tracks:
14. Storm Detonation
15. Worm World
16. Hammer Revelation
CHILDREN OF BODOM – interview + tracks:
17. Lake Bodom
18. Bodom After Midnight
19. Deadnight Warrior
20. Mask Of Sanity
MAYHEM – interview + various shots from the stage

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