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NEBELHEXE Essensual 7.00 EUR / 4.92 LVL
Nebelhexë is the charismatic artist Andrea Haugen, who has mesmerized the alternative music scene since 1994. Her early love for British gothic, new wave and underground music brought her to London in 1990 where she soon became part of the subculture scenes. Always searching, and always having had a fascination for the supernatural, life’s mysteries and animals, she connected with various magic / pagan / witch circles. Seeking to explore and upgrade the understanding for the shadow side of the self, Andrea was soon involved with notorious magical and artistic performances. Her latest album is called “Essensual”. Like the extravagant title, this is a unique album with new and fresh sounds. With an almost pop like production, this album will surely attract a broader audience. With this album she tries to express hidden feelings, various thoughts within the psyche, the bad experiences that shape us, thoughts about our real being, thus the title "Essensual". The essence of sensuality. Exposing both a glossy 'model' side and the darker real side within, reflecting the diversity of Andrea’s inner self. Along with the album, Andrea has fashioned her own perfume, Nebelhexë “Essensual” which she already has been selling bottles of at her concerts in the past. “I don’t want to follow a path. I want to create my own and leave a trail.”
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